The Top MLM Network Marketing Leadership Mistakes – Avoid Them Or Else!

Many people feel they understand what is needed for quality leadership within a network marketing business. There are all kinds of leaders and each brings a certain quality to the business. This article explains some of things you must not do when it comes to MLM network marketing leadership.

Remember that network marketing is all about leadership because people only follow people they trust and respect. Your long term success in MLM will depend upon people joining you and following you. If you can avoid these leadership mistakes then people will trust you to do the right thing for the development of the business which includes training, coaching and lead generation.

Leadership mistakes to avoid.

1. Do not become a recruiter – a recruiter is someone who signs up a person and then immediately moves on to the next person without giving any assistance to the first. This may get you some quick cash bonuses but it is not a strategy that builds a business long term. When someone is recruited into MLM, they usually quit within the first 90 days out of frustration.

2. Do not focus entirely on sales – Products sales are important in an MLM strategy but for long term success you will want to develop team members about 75% of the time while saving the selling of products to 25% of the time. This will enable you to build both in the short term but also increase the long term residue income that we all strive to obtain.

3. Do not blame others – leaders need to be accountable for their team. In the beginning you will need to coach people a lot to be successful and it is best if you take full accountability for the actions of that new recruit. You want to keep his actions positive and allow them a certain amount of freedom to experiment with their marketing and lead generation activities.

4. Do not be negative – All leaders need to be positive when dealing with their down line and prospects. Never talk badly about any company or product. Never talk poorly about any person. You just never know who may hear the comments and take offense to them.

5. Do not use foul language or derogatory remarks – Again, when you are a leader within the network marketing business, you will have people in your down line from potentially all over the world. Different cultures and races take offense to certain slang comments and foul language. Always pretend that you are talking to your grandmother and do not say anything that she would not welcome as a comment.

If you avoid these 5 leadership mistakes you will increase your credibility within the network marketing industry and be on your way to branding yourself a network marketing leader. Leadership is about coaching and development and there is no place where this is more important then in the network marketing business.

Network Marketing – Leadership Success Explained

I am over all the Network Marketing people out there claiming untold riches. They are self-proclaimed leaders with imaginary kingdoms… With a reputation of being a pyramid scheme it is amazing anyone gets involved with this type of home business. Successful leaders are needed.

Google ANY Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Company… there is negative stuff… scam stuff… hateful blogs and frustrated articles about ALL of these companies. (You can find negative articles for 99% of ALL companies). I read all the negative comments and blogs so that I can be prepared for any frustrations tossed at me.

I research as many companies as I can, to find out what is offered in this industry… I research compensation plans, payouts… even recruiting methods.

This is what I have learned. (This may not be the answer you are looking for but it will send you one step closer to becoming a Leader in the industry.)

It is not the company’s fault! They did not cheat you out of any money. I have no doubt the emotional roller coaster of owning a business and creating a fortune clouded your brain. You forgot about the business plan and the compensation rules. You forgot about the monthly volume requirement of the juice you didn’t even like! (Why would you buy two cases a month of that stuff)! You did not pay attention to the marketing plan that they gave you. You decided to “reinvent the wheel” because you could do it better… (First timer error!) They gave you specific tools to present your business to others…. and you changed it.

Stop blaming everyone and point that finger at the image in the mirror. Become the leader. Follow the steps provide. Create time because it is your day for success. Learn everything… like you came up with the whole concept… backwards and forwards; up and down.

And then…

Show everybody interested in what you are doing.

Leaders point the way down the path with a map… supplies… tools. They guide you in the direction of success and require you to follow the path. They expect you to follow the map, use the tools and supplies. They want you to find success.